Guideline Power Strike+ Salmon Leader 15 ft.

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These leaders are manufactured with medium stiff copolymer mono to make them track well in wind and with any type of fly.

Länge: 15 ft. (4,5 m)

Tip diameter: 0,35 - 0,45 mm

Strength: 8,4 - 13,9 kg


Made to the same standards as the above leaders, the Salmon leaders also have powerful and long enough butt sections to help them turnover large and bulky Salmon flies.

     0,35 mm    0,40 mm    0,45 mm  
Butt [mm]     0,65 0,70 0,70
Tip [mm]   0,35 0,40 0,45
Test [kg]   8,4 10,8 13,9
Test [lbs.]   18,5 23,8 30,6
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