Guideline LRL DC Non Stretch Running line

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LRL is a popular alternative for anglers seeking a supple and floating shooting line that gives a feeling of fi shing a WF regular fly line in a shooting head configuration. This line is built around the same “direct contact” core we use on our sinking lines. It has only 6% stretch. When you combine this shooting line with our shooting heads, you have incredible control and contact with your fly.
This line is available in two sizes; 9,5 kg (Trout and Sea trout) and 13,5 kg (Salmon). It´s floating and factory looped for easy connection to your Shooting Head.

Length: 30 m

LRL DC Non Stretch Running line is available in two different models:

20 lbs - 0.82 mm: single hand / light double hand (sand)
30 lbs - 1.0 mm: double hand (blue)

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