Maxima Knotless Tapered Leader | 9 ft.

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Maxima now offers a fly fishing leader that has two technologies in one monofilament. These premium leaders feature world famous Maxima Chameleon together with Maxima Ultragreen. They combine tough, abrasion-resistant Chameleon butt-sections with supersoft Ultragren tippet sections and have a unique matt finish with light-absorbing effects. Precisely engineered for the passionate fly fisherman, Maxima's controlled stiffness in the Chameleon butt will turn over and lie straight for superiour casting, while supersoft ultragreen tippet will present your fly delicately.

Length: 9 ft. (2,75m)

Available in 4 tippets sizes from 2X to 5X.

2X .... 0,23 mm
3X .... 0,20 mm
4X .... 0,175 mm
5X .... 0,15 mm

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