Scott T2H #9 15'0'' Double Handed Fly Rod

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AFTM line: 9, length: 15'0'' (4.57m), 4 pcs.
Scandi: 34-36 gr / 520-540 grains
Skagit: 575-625 grains / 37-40 gr

Action: MediumFast Action
Blank material: ARC Technology high modulus carbon blank
Color: High gloss green, Scott Natural Finish
Handle: "AAAA" Corkhandle
Reelseat: black custom reel seats
Guides: Hard chrome snake guides and SiC stripping guide
Rod tube: Aluminium rod tube and cloth rod sack
30 year warranty
Made in USA

A great rod for big water and big fish from BC to Russia. The extra length helps form clean D loops with longer bellied lines and control fly speeds at long distances. This is the perfect big water swing rod.

For the two handed enthusiasts in the know, T2H rods have become standards by which all other rods are compared. Loved for their versatility in handling any line type and the casting styles that match them, T2H rods have a smooth power delivery and great stability when changing directions to make long pretty casts. Our blank technology helps eliminate torque that can cause poor loop shape and loss of distance. It also allows you to access power when you need it without over or under powering your casts. Beautifully finished and handcrafted with the finest components, T2H rods bring out the best in your two-handed fishing.

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