Rio AFS Shooting Head, floating

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The Advanced Flight Spey (AFS) lines are Scandinavian style shooting heads.
AFS heads have a long front taper that ensures the softest of presentation and a design that loads rod up easily, resulting in extremely effortless casts. Attach one of RIO's highly acclaimed shooting lines like the RIO Gripshooter to the back end.

Length: 11,2 m (36,5 ft.) up to 12,2 m (40 ft.)
color: green / yellow
line class: #7/8, 8/9, 9/10 and #10/11 floating

Rio AFS Shooting Head

Line Class
Head Weight
Head Length
Sink Rate
7/8 DH
  30 gr / 460 grain
  11,2 m
8/9 DH
  34 gr / 520 grain   11,7 m
9/10 DH
  38 gr / 580 grain   11,9 m
10/11 DH
  42 gr / 640 grain   12,2 m
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