Rapala X-Rap Walk | XRW13 Silber Blau

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Rapala X-Rap Walk
Toss it out. Pump. Reel. Pump. Reel. You’re Walking-The-Dog. With Rapala it’s that easy. This Xtreme® action side-to-side topwater lure will keep your head spinning. Featuring the classic X-Rap finishes that will torment any species of fish, this topwater delight is bringing the X-Rap attitude to new levels. Brace yourself.


+ Rapala "Walk-The-Dog" Action
+ VMC® SureSet® Tail Hook
+ Realistic Eyes
+ Technique: Casting
+ Running DepthTopwater
+ Length: 130 mm (5-1/4")
+ Weight: 35 g (1 1/4 oz.)
+ Hooksize: 1/0

Species: Bass, Walleye, Pike, Musky, Trout, Salmon, Panfish, Redfish, Tarpon, Snook, Tuna, Sea Trout, Striper, Grouper, Peacock Bass, Kingfish, Bluefish, Wahoo, Dolphin

Environment: Freshwater & Saltwater

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