Marc Petitjean - Magic Heads


The Magic Head will change the way you fish and the way fish react to your flies. The versatile Magic Head can be fished pointing backwards, giving your flies a normal streamer-style, up and down head action; or they can be flipped forwards, giving your patterns more side-to-side action.

Start by forming a layer of thread, push the Magic Head over the hook eye, secure with some wraps of tying thread, then complete the fly. Straight shank hooks recommended. Adjust the size of the Magic Head to the hook size by cutting down, following the edge. Cutting, on the weighted side, we will increase the wiggling effect by 30%. You can weight your flies using beads, cones or eyes. One thing to remember, the cut should always be on the weighted side.

+ Soft and lightweight head
+ Does not reduce the gap of hooks
+ Streamer action and wiggling action
+ Made from a non-toxic component
+ Easy to tie
+ Does not need a rotating device
+ Will not break or damage the tip of your rod (if accidentally wound back into the rod tip)