Pro ConeDisc

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A layer of base paint, two layers of color, and then hand polished to give you unsurpassed quality, and durability. And at a good price as well.

#S  (∅ 6 mm, weight 0.18 g)  - 10 pieces per pack
#M  (∅ 8 mm, weight 0.32 g)  - 9 pieces per pack
#L   (∅ 10 mm, weight 0.50 g)  - 9 pieces per pack

    The ConeDiscâ„¢ is a completely new disc design. Optimized in shape for better swimming characteristics, and much easier to lift from the water due to more hydro dynamic correct shape, which allow the water to leave the disc without much resistance. The brass is a special stiff alloy, allowing us to reduce the weight, and material thickness. The big 10 mm disc is just 0,50 grams. The paint job on all our brass components is in a class of its own.
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