Danvise Fly Tying Kit

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A high quality kit that every tying beginner or novice should have.

Included with the kit is a Danvise Pedestal vise, Dr. Slick professional tier tools (All Purpose Scissor 4", Ceramic Bobbin 4", Hair Stacker, Whip Finisher, Bobbin Threader, Dubbing Needle and Hackle Plier), 2 packs of Scorpion nymph hooks, 2 packs TMC 100 dryfly hooks, Super Fine Dub. 12er Dispenser, Life Cycle Caddis Dub. 12er Dispenser, Buck Caddis deer hair, 3 spools tying thread, a pack of bead heads an fly tying head cement.

You get top value for your money!

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