Loop Evotec HD 9/13 - G4 Black Fly Reel

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Capacity WF-12-F + 300 yds. (#30lbs). Backing
weight 280g, frame dimensions 111 x 36mm

For rods line class 9-13 
Mid-Arbor design for fast line pick-up
Water- and heat-resistant casing and Power Matrix brake system
Machined from aircraft aluminium and stainless steel
All components milled from aluminium and surgical-quality stainless steel
Wide braking range (min/max 330°)
Full cage spool frame
Traditional, strong click sound in both directions
30 years 

Ideal for medium-heavy saltwater fishing or for heavier river fishing for anadromous species. With perfect capacity, high retrieve rate and no-slip "winch" drag, this is probably the best Tarpon reel on the market. The reel's weight also balances perfectly to longer double-hand rods.

Now we have truly developed the Evotec. Even after its introduction four years ago, this reel was the bar set at the highest level in the industry. Now we have sharpened the appearance and fine-tuned the drag. The new braking package is also of Swedish design, completely sealed/watertight, smoother and better than ever before. Also new is a better spool-change process and the ability to right-size the reel to your fishing situation without purchasing multiple reels. Manufactured of the same aircraft-grade aluminium as before, the Evotec series is available in three different models (HD, LW and FW) which offer various different sizes. The difference is that once you purchase a frame in one of the three models, all sizes will be available with a simple spool change! Seven reels in three frames! Line capacity matched reel size range. The reels come with a new style reel case!

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