Lamson Liquid 3-pack Reel

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The 3-pack is an extreme value; it includes one reel and two spare spools in a nylon carrying case all for the price of one reel and one spool. This new product offers beneficial interchangeability at ease for the multi-faceted angler.

Let’s face it, die cast reels are intended to be low cost alternatives to a machined reel, right? Imported, heavier, easier to damage, plain Jane, etc.

Well . . . not necessarily.

Model                   Diameter        Width        Weight        Rod Class        Line         Capacity   
Liquid 1.5 84 mm 25 mm 119 g 3-4 WF-4 100 yds. #20 lbs.  
Liquid 2.0 91 mm 25 mm 131 g 5-6 WF-6 100 yds. #20 lbs.
Liquid 3.5 97 mm 28 mm 152 g 8-9 WF-8 200 yds. #20 lbs.
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