Mastery Atlantic Salmon Shooting Head

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The Mastery Series provides advanced taper designs for improved shootability and casting for all weather conditions - setting the standard for fly lines world wide. The superior PVC coatings allow for casting and temperature specific line designs. Speciality cores creates both supple and stiff lines making them the ideal choice for fly fishing wherever you want to fish. Double handed shooting heads specifically designed for European salmon fishing. These heads are prelooped, perfectly balanced and ready to go. Optimal casting and fishing performance based on years of adapting thousands of shooting heads on Scandinavian salmon rivers.

•    Long casts with minimal effort
•    Easy loading
•    Precise tapers - excellent turnover at both short and long range distance
•    Superior balance and stability
•    Xtra-strength streamlined loops at both ends
•    AST coating
•    Graduated density
•    Braided multifilament core

Line Class        Head Weight         Head Length
7/8 DH   30 gr / 462 grain   11,2 m
8/9 DH   34 gr / 525 grain   11,6 m
9/10 DH   38 gr / 586 grain   12,1 m
10/11 DH   42 gr / 648 grain   12,6 m


Mastery Atlantic Salmon Floating, wether you are swinging, riffling or hitching your fly. This is the line for fishing on or near the surface. Visual takes will never go out of fashion!

These lines are perfect for slowing down the fly drift in strong currents or if you just want to fish deep and slow.
This is the must have and one of the most versatile lines for any angler chasing silver! If stealth is required this line gives it. Perfectly balanced so it will stay just below the water surface.

F//I - Double Density
This head gives higher speed but brings the fly just below the surface. Fly speed is easily controlled by mending the floating part of the line up or downstream.

F/S3 - Double Density
We have designed these lines to maintain the fly speed to get the flies down to the required depth. The lower densities in the rear of the taper help keep up the speed and the higher densities in the front help get the fly down to the fish. An excellent choice in pools where the main current is close to the opposite bank.
The UST True Triple Density F/H/S3 is similar qualities as Floating/INT/Sink2 but gets the fly down deep. A great choice for when fish are lying in deeper water and where fly speed is the key.

S1/S5 - Double Density Sinking
These double density lines are for the fastest water and the deepest pools. The one objective of these lines is to get the fly down deep quickly!
This S1/S5 shooting head is specially designed to balance 9/10 and 10/11 weight rods. These are the lines to choose for high cold water or summer floods. The Sink5 slows down the speed and gets the fly down deep and in front of the fish.

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