LTS Across Shooting Head

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These double hand shooting heads are suited to experienced anglers that determine shooting head length and weight themselves and are able to make their own connections. Developed by world champion casters Knut and Trond Syrstad, the head`s 13 m compound front taper is part of the 16,8 m overall length (uncut).
Despite of its length it still supports the casting with the underhand technique. The line can be cut preferably from the rear end according to the needs of the caster. The LTS Across fits to rods line class #9-12 and 14 to 17 ft. length. The front taper is thin so you cannot cast it with strong wind, but anyway that is not what the line was designed for. Larger flies can be cast without any problems.

Available in 3 densities:
Float, Float/Intermediate tip, Sink1/Sink2
Raw length: 16,8 m
Raw weight: 50 g

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