Guideline Evolve TSL- Tapered Shooting Line

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TSL shooting line is the perfect option for anglers who prefer the more classic, easier handling feel of a coated line. It is manufactured over a solid, low stretch monofilament core, which adds more stiffness for better tracking and hand- ling during casting and fishing. Taking advantage of the latest technologies for slickness and durability, the TSL offers great performance and added control of your Shooting Head. This shooting line comes with a small, strong factory welded loop in the front for easy change over between different lines for various fishing conditions. The TSL has a tapered, thicker impact zone near the rod tip. This increases durability and also makes the Shooting Line more stable, thus improving line control and energy transfer.

Length: (0.028"): 30m (blue)
               (0.032"): 35m (red)
               (0.034"): 30m (orange)

TSL is available in three different models

0.71 mm (0.028"): single hand / light double hand #6/7-7/8
0.81 mm (0.032"): heavy single hand / double hand #8/9-9/10
0.86 mm (0.034"): heavy double hand #9/10-10/11

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