Guideline Fario WF Fly Line

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A line with medium belly-length that performs excellent with all kinds of water born casts and in addition also has brilliant balance and accuracy for exact presentations in mid to long-range situations. FARIO WF incorporates a handling line for greater flexibility of the amount of line you’d like to carry outside the rod tip.

It has a looped front and laser line-ID mark.

Color: olive/orange

Total length: 25-29 m

Made in USA

Line   Head weight 
  Belly    Total length
WF3F    8g
WF4F   10g
  9,5m   25m
WF5F   12g   10,0m   29m
WF6F   14g   10,0m   29m
WF7F   16g
  10,0m   29m
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