Greys GTS 600 Spare Spools

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Spare Spool for Greys GTS 600 fly reel!

Interchange able Spools: Modell 4/5/6 <=> 6/7/8, so you can easy use the GTS 600 fly reel from line class #4 up to class #8!

The GTS 600 is a high quality fly reel and a serious competitor in all forms of fly fishing. Made of 6061 bar stock aluminium with twin Rulon disc drag system.

+ Centralised twin Rulon disc drag
+ 6061 bar stock aluminium construction
+ Tool less conversion from left to right hand wind
+ Large arbour design with captive spool release

Size     Line Class     Diameter     Weight     Dacron Backing Capacity
GTS 600 4/5/6 4-6 9,1 cm 150 g 20-lb. & WF6F + 60 yds.
GTS 600 6/7/8 6-8 9,1 cm 151 g 20-lb. & WF8F + 90 yds.
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