AI Midge Hook Assortment

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The best fly tying hooks made - but at a better price! That's right. The goal when developing the LS Hooks was to produce the absolutely best fly tying hook made but offer them at an economical price. With our new LS Hook Assortments you save even more.

All hooks feature:

forged japanese steel
chemically sharpened point
precision micro barb
stealth ronze finish


180 hook assortment packaged in a ultra-thin 12-compartment magnetic hook box! A tremendous value!

The Nymph/Hopper Hook Assortment contains 15 each of model NH7 hooks in sizes 6-16 and model NH9 hooks in sizes 8-18.

SE1 - Scud & Emerger, Down Eye, 1x fine, 2x short curved shank, 2x wide gape, continuous bend Similar to TMC 2487or Daiichi 1130
SE5 - Scud & Emerger, Up Eye, 1x heavy, 1x short curved shank, 2x wide gape, offset point Similar to Daiichi 1150
SE7 - Scud & Emerger, Straight Eye, 2x heavy, 2x short curved shank, 3x wide gape, continuous bend Similar to TMC 2488H or Daiichi 1640

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