Epic Carbon Fibre Fly Rod Blanks

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Epic C series are a state of the art fly rod blank. The most sophisticated composite materials and production processes are used in their construction. Full Helical construction, multi modulus, All unidirectional carbon fibre and the lowest resin counts in the industry. We believe this is the most sophisticated fly rod blank available.

Epic C (Carbon) series fly rod blanks are high performance fishing tools. The lockup point develops in the top third of the blank, and although recovery rates are fast, the Epic C series would best be described as Mid Flex (Orvis) or Medium fast (Sage). They are light without sacrificing strength (lighter than the equivalent Sage Method btw) and they look absolutely stunning.

GUIDE SPACING CHARTS - Please click on the PDF icon:  PDF

  Length   Pieces  
  Line Class  
  Casting weight   Blank weight   
  Butt Diameter 
590   9'0" / 275 cm   4   #5   9-10g / 130-155 grains  
  40g   8,7 mm
690   9'0" / 275 cm   4   #6   9-10g / 150-170 grains   42g   8,8 mm
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