Enrico Puglisi Foxy Brush

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Lifelike Breathable Brush.
We are pleased to introduce you to the perfect blend of Artic Fox, EP Fibers and a touch of EP Sparkle to bring you the most breathable brush to date. Its unique blend makes it easy to add lifelike movement to your flies in just a wrap or two.

3" (7 cm) Wide

Whether you are looking for lifelike movement and controlled sink rate for laid up Tarpon flies or a streamer for Steelhead, Trout or Stripers, this brush will work equally well in both salt and freshwater. Its uses are endless; with the variety of colors and your imagination I am sure you will come up with dynamite fly patterns. You could not ask for a better product. With this combination I have given the tier an easy way to enhance his ability to bring out the lifelike action of his flies. This breathable brush makes it a snap to bring out this action in all of your flies.

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