Decoy Decibo VJ-36 Hook

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The Violence Jighead VJ-36 is an ingenious combination of jig head and wide gap hook, with which the soft baits can be mounted perfectly weedless (herb-free) to fish loss-free in obstacle-rich waters. The pointed head shape develops a zig-zag movement of the bait when hauling in with light strokes in the rod, which is particularly evident in no-action shadows, such as the Shad Impact by Keitech.

Note: From the hook size 1/0, the tip of the hook is slightly curved downwards, so that it fits very well on the rubber bait and offers even more reliable herb protection.

Quantity: 2/0 - 4 pcs., 3/0 - 3 pcs.
Color: black
Country of origin: Japan

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