Cortland Precision Floating Competition Nymph Fly Line

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The CORTLAND Competition Nymph Fly Lines have been specially developed for Czech Nymphing, High-Sticking and all other techniques of nymph-fishing, which can be described as "nymph fishing", in which the nymph is guided deep down on a relatively short line with the tip of the rod held high.
With these techniques quite long fly rods are used with 9'6″ to 11′, because they permit a substantially more effective nymph guidance with a longer drift. The Competition Nymph fly lines have an ultra thin and ultra soft core, a very smooth coating and an extended, slim fronttaper with a very fine tip for this fishing. This ensures that the line falls perfectly onto the water, does not form an unwanted belly even when "high sticking" with a longer line length and remains reliably in drift.

The super fine tip allows the use of shorter leaders and the precisely dimensioned fronttaper ensures that the leader stretches cleanly and completely even when using multi-fly rigs (stretcher nymph and several Springer nymphs). Equipped with a Micro-Tip™ front loop and strong end loop.

The line weight of the front 13.73 meters of 160 grains (10.4 grams) covers the Czech Nymphing with rods in classes 3 to 5. The soul has a capacity of 16 lb.

The Competition Nymph fly lines are equipped with welded loops at the tip and at the end for quick and easy connection with the leader and backing.

Coating: Precision Coating
Soul: Monofiles Nylon
Color: Gecko Green (pale grey-green)

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