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The Experience WF floating line offers an effective solution for fishing varying water types with the same line. This flyline will perform very well for close range work, but will excel in medium to long distance fishing.
The super slick coating, a low diameter belly, together with carefully selected core stiffness has resulted in a line that generates high energy and delivers long casts with maintained line control. The key to the performance is the balance between a long front taper, a medium long belly and a back taper followed by a medium thick handling line that lets you aerialize more line with better control when going for distance.

length: 25 m (WF-3-F) - 32 m (WF-7-F)
color: olive / white running line
available in class: WF-3-F to WF-7-F

A relatively thin running line delays turnover, makes the line stay in the loop longer and ensures good shootability and casting distance when needed. A subtle greenish, earth tone colored head will benefit a stealthy approach to spooky fish and the bone white running line will help you keep track of your loose coils during fishing and casting.
Experience is a stable and fast long belly line which is good on all types of casts. Due to the rather short backtaper, this line is very suitable for different kinds of water casts. Good spey- and Switch properties were important features when we developed this line. The quite long front taper (4,5m in 5wt) makes a line that is easy to lift off the water, and the increasing weight backwards maintain good balance in your roll, switch or spey casting.
Experience lines are made for performing in a variety of fishing situations and casts. Despite the longer head length, this line is very easy to handle. People who are basically not comfortable with long belly lines, should give this line a try. It will give you a new long belly Experience.


Guideline Experience WF-Fly Line

Line Class
Head Weight
Head Length
Total Length
WF 3   11 gr / 170 grain   12,6 m   25 m
WF 4   13 gr / 200 grain   13,1 m   27,5 m
WF 5   15 gr / 231 grain   13,6 m   30 m
WF 6   17 gr / 262 grain   13,8 m   32 m
WF 7   19 gr / 293 grain   14,1 m   32m 


* Weight is including backtaper.

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