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The award-winning Liquid Floatant from High N Dry was designed with special and unique materials, and is the perfect floatant for those fly fishers that prefer to dip their fly into a container. This method of application is simple, easy, and fast and allows the fly to be completely covered with a barrier that keeps moisture out. It works well on flies tied with all types of materials (including CDC) and is especially effective to float large stimulators and hoppers tied with foam application. Just dip and cast. It contains no organic solvents, is 100% solids, and is environmentally friendly.

The floatant is delivered in a High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) bottle with a silicone seal in the cap. This packaging assures that the container will not leak all over your vest and cause a mess. The cap is attached to the container with a leash to allow the fly fisher minimum distraction when applying floatants. The wide opening allows even your largest bugs to be dropped into the container. A full 67 grams of pure floatant is provided in a 2.5 oz. container, instead of the 1.0 oz. (about 20 grams) provided by most of our competitors.

About High N Dry Fishing Products:
The company is made up of people who love fly-fishing and the outdoors. They also have a great respect for our natural world.

The founding members, Vince, Dennis, and Ken, had known each other for many years and, in fact, worked for different companies that competed against each other. They were brought together each year by a mutual supplier to fly fish in Montana. Interestingly enough, it was the sport of fly-fishing brought them together and led to them becoming great friends.

During one of their trips, and after a long day of fishing, they were enjoying dinner and discussing the day’s events. The topic moved to floatants and how most of the products on the market were either harmful to the environment, didn’t work, or both. They thought they could make better products than what was available.

One of the unique aspects to of High N Dry team is that two of their founding members were brilliant professional chemists with inquisitive minds. Between them they have over 100 U.S. patents. Vince has since passed away, but Ken is still very busy improving the existing products and testing new products to put on the market.
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